Cultural Heritage and Preservation Program in Prague and Kraków, Summer 2013

CHAPS ABROAD: Prague & Krakow 2013

Cultural Heritage and Preservation Program (CHAPS), Rutgers University


June 5-July 15, 2013

Open to: Graduate students and junior/senior undergraduate students, or by permission of Director.

The program is composed of two three-credit units, for a total of six credits.

(1) Prague & Krakow: Core Course-Preserving the Past for the Future (3 credits-45 contact hours)

(2) Prague & Krakow: Internship Project (3 credits) or International Service Learning Project (3 credits)

Offered by Rutgers’ Program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies ( in collaboration with the Dartmore Institute (, the program is divided equally between the historic cities of Prague (Czech Republic), and Krakow (Poland), whose historic urban centers are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Both are also known for their vibrant student life, with activities centered on the universities and a lively café and club culture.

Funding Opportunities Available

Praguekrakow 2013.pdf

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