Two Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellowships Announced

Hancock Shaker Village (HSV) and the University of Massachusetts Master of Science in Design and Historic Preservation have announced two Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellowship Positions for Winter-Spring 2014.  Students in the Master of Design in Historic Preservation Program: Please Submit Letter of Interest and Resume by January 15, 2014! (more details on submission requirements below)

For Winter/Spring semester 2014, Hancock Shaker Village (HSV) with help from Michael Devonshire, faculty member and historic preservation program coordinator, will select two students to be awarded a Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellowship. We will chose from the 2014 roster of matriculated graduate students in the HSV/UMASS Master of Science in Design and Historic Preservation (MDHP) program.  MDHP applicants must summit half page letter and brief resume by noon on January 15, 2014 to Michael Devonshire, phone 212.759.6462 or Results will be announced by January 22, 2014.

The two Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellows will be engaged by HSV on a contract basis to work with supervisor, Lisa Sauer. Fellows will complete research and inventory work, 13 each Mass Historical Commission (MHC) Building Surveys or Form Bs. Sauer will complete one survey. Surveys to be completed total 27; each Fellow completes 13 and Ms. Sauer completes one (1).

Each of the two Fellows will be eligible to receive a stipend of $850 upon completion of the work.

The Department of Community Development, City of Pittsfield generates the list of buildings to be surveyed. The time frame for the Fellows’ survey work is January 26 – May 2, 2014. The Fellowships and survey work provide real-world hands-on field experience. The completed building surveys support the City of Pittsfield’s goal of documenting its historic infrastructure.

Fellows’ duties and work consist primarily of: Five (5) hours per week over 14 weeks; the work extends from January 24 through May 2, 2014 and includes these duties per Fellow:
• coordinates his/her schedule with Ms. Sauer, Mr. Devonshire, and the open hours of the Berkshire Atheneum Local History Room and Registry of Deeds
• develops a set schedule of every other week meetings with Ms. Sauer and Mr. Devonshire, library and deed research work, site visits, photography, and Form B production
• completes orientation session(s) provided by Ms. Sauer
• meets with and keeps Ms. Sauer apprised of your progress with the work
• undertakes additional work as assigned by Michael Devonshire
• visits the sites of buildings on the list, all within the City of Pittsfield 
• for each building assigned, completes all Form B sections and photography in computer file format; convert to PDF for final submission of the work
• completes and submits 13 Form Bs; format and print each according to MHC guidelines
• half of the forms must be delivered to Ms. Sauer for review by March 14, and the final half on the last day of classes (or prior to) for submission to HSV and City of Pittsfield
• will work on the Form Bs a minimum of 3 and probably nearer to 5 hours per week 
• additional time in the 5 hours per week will be directed by Sauer and Devonshire
• decides separately or collectively how best to proceed to get the job done, however each Fellow is individually expected to submit 7 completed Form Bs midway through the semester and 6 at the end for a total of 13 (the two Fellows complete a total of 26)
• payment of a $850 stipend will be made by HSV to each of the two Fellows at the conclusion of the work and not sooner than May 2, 2014
• conclusion of the work is defined as Form Bs being completed, reviewed by Sauer, and formatted complete with photographs, and that additional work assigned by Devonshire is completed and reported on in writing

Ms. Sauer will hold an introductory meeting/trip to the Register of Deeds in Pittsfield and the Local History Room of the Berkshire Athenaeum to familiarize the Fellows with the resources available in each venue (time to be mutually agreed upon). During this initial meeting, Ms. Sauer and the two Fellows will also go over the MHC guidelines on how to fill out the forms. Beyond the orientation and introductory work, it is up to the Fellows to plan their own schedules and complete the project. Note the office open hours:

Berkshire Atheneum Public Library
Local History Room, Kathleen Reilly, Librarian
1 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, MA / 413.499.9480
Mon & Fri, 9 am to 5 pm; Tues, Wed, and Thurs, 9 am to 9 pm, 
and Sat, 10 am to 5 pm; closed Sunday and holidays

Register of Deeds, Patricia Harris
State of Massachusetts
44 Bank Row, Pittsfield, MA
413.443.7438; Mon – Fri, 8:30 am to 3:59 pm

Because of limited or inconvenient open hours at the library and registry, it is highly recommended that the Fellows are made aware that they may need to find weekday time to come to Pittsfield to complete their research.

Ms. Sauer will be available at HSV between 12 noon and 1 pm on Saturdays during the weeks the students are on the HSV property or at a time mutually agreed upon. Winter Spring 2014 semester classes at HSV are: Saturdays, January 25, February 8, 22, March 8, 29, and April 12, 26, and May 3. Ms. Sauer will review the Fellows’ work progress and answer questions. She will be available via email. If the Fellows need data at the Register of Deeds that they are unable to access during the week, Ms. Sauer will get that information for them and deliver it to them either via email or at the time of the next scheduled Saturday meeting. Additional meeting times can be arranged as needed.

Send your Fellowship letter of interest with your resume by January 15, 2014, to MICHAEL DEVONSHIRE, phone: 212.759.6462, ext. 16 or email:

The Fellows chosen will thereafter on their resume and in similar sources note that they achieved this post and honor by saying they were a: Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellow or that they held a Hancock Shaker Village Feigenbaum Fellowship.

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