Architecture and Archaeological Monumental: Field School Program in the best private University in Peru

Subject: Architecture and Archaeological Monumental: Field School Program in the best private University in Peru

Field School Program in Peru

We are pleased to inform you that the 2015 season of the Field School Program in Peru is now open for registration. We would be grateful if you could share

this information with your colleagues and students.

Architecture and Archaeological Monumental


Tradition, Architecture and Territory in Viceroyal Peru

Achieve a better understanding of Peruvian architecture during Viceroyal times and how it clashed and mixed in turn with the ancient architectural and territorial transformations of the indigenous people already in the region.


Structural Diagnosis of Archaeological Monumental

Get familiar with non-destructive experimental techniques, and learn the application of a number of technologies including drones, laser scanners, ground penetrating radars, and vibration transducers.

Get a unique learning experience with the most prestigious faculty members of the PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DEL PERÚ
Application deadline: April 17th
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