Discount for National Trust conference November 3-6

Dear Students and Faculty,

I wanted to remind you of this note from the National Trust about our students and faculty getting a 50% discount on registration for the National Trust conference in DC this November. Please let me know if you are interested right away.

All the best,


Dear Directors of NCPE Member Programs:

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has once again graciously offered 100 National Council for Preservation Education faculty and students a 50% discount on the registration fee for the 2015 Preservation Conference. Steven Hoffman, NCPE Treasurer, will again be in charge of this procedure.

We recognize that notification of this offer in June presents some challenges, i.e., your faculty and students may be traveling, working and otherwise off-campus. For this reason, we have established several deadlines for using the codes, and are providing you the opportunity to reserve a realistic number of spots for individuals you believe will be registering for the conference. You, as program director, need to be the point of contact with Steven. If you want, you can initially reserve up to 10 discounts for use by your faculty and students. Email Steven directly with your reservation request (shoffman). You will then need to provide a list of names and email addresses to Steven to obtain the 50% registration discount on the early-bird rate by noon on July 24, 2015. He will then forward your information to the Trust and they will send a unique registration code to each email submitted by Steven. These codes can only be used once, will not be transferable, and multiple discount requests to the same email address will not be accepted. Anyone registering for the conference outside of this process will not be given a discount retroactively. Since we only have 100 discounted registrations, please do not send in the names and emails of anyone you have not confirmed will use them.

We will have a second deadline in September for faculty and students who were not able to register by the early bird registration deadline. You will need to send Steven the names and emails of these individuals by noon on September 30, 2015. The 50% registration discount will apply to the registration rates then in effect, and the process for receiving the codes will be the same as described above. Any reserved discounts not used at this time will be redistributed to other programs.

Please verify that all individuals who receive the discount code are directly associated with your program. NTHP has made it clear that their offer is limited to NCPE- member programs. We strongly encourage you to register and obtain registrations for your faculty and students as soon as possible – both to take advantage of the discounted registrations and because it is advantageous for the NTHP to receive the registrations as early as they can.

If you find that by early September you have registered for more spots that you will use, please let Steven know so that we can “release” registration holds for other schools. We had great participation last year and except similar interest this year.

Thank you very much for your participation in this innovative program. In order to receive your discounted registrations, please email Steven (shoffman) as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions about how this will work, either contact me or Steven directly.


Robert Young (young)

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