Field School Faculty Bios

Faculty Bios

Field School Director

Myron O. Stachiw is Visiting Lecturer in the Master of Science in Historic Preservation+Design Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  For the past 35 years he has worked with museums, historical agencies, and universities as a social historian, archaeologist, architectural historian, and preservationist to research, interpret, and teach about material life in early America.  He has organized and directed the Field School in Building Archaeology since 1989 in affiliation with such institutions as Old Sturbridge Village, Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Roger Williams University, Newport Restoration Foundation, and the Samuel Huntington Trust.

Guest Faculty

Claire Dempsey is Associate Professor of American and New England Studies at Boston University,  where she has taught architectural history and research methods courses since 1991. She has conducted preservation research within the compliance, identification, and evaluation areas for the Massachusetts Historical Commission and for a number of cities, towns, and research institutions, and research for New England area museums and historic sites. She serves as first vice president and archivist for the Vernacular Architecture Forum and is a member of the Medford Historical Commission.

Bill Flynt has been the Architectural Conservator at Historic Deerfield for the past 34 years where he has focused on research, restoration, and preservation issues associated with the village buildings. Areas of interest and expertise include building forensics, paint, wallpaper, and, for the past decade, dendrochronology.

PaskeThomas Paske has been involved with architectural conservation for over thirty-five years as a carpenter and a consultant for the preservation of both masonry and timber frame buildings. He has conducted inspection, evaluation, and documentation of historic structures, preparation of restoration specifications and physical conservation work for a large number of historical societies, agencies, museums and municipalities. He has also instructed classes concerning historic building technologies for Columbia University, Boston University, Roger Williams University, Newport Restoration Foundation, Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, and Old Sturbridge Village.

John Vaughan is principal of Architectural Conservation Services of Bristol, RI, providing analytical, investigative, and assessment services for historic structures and building materials.  He has undertaken the investigation, analysis, and implementation of numerous conservation and preservation projects, specializing in the investigation of historic finishes, including microscopic cross-section investigation, color matching and sequencing of applied finishes, relative dating of architectural elements, discovery and uncovering of overpainted decorative schemes, and demonstrations of historic paint-making.


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