There is no more effective way to learn than hands-on, and that is what Myron Stachiw offered participants in the Old Sturbridge Village Architecture Field Schools (1989, 1991). He taught us how to see buildings—not just the obvious form and finish, but how to look beyond that and truly see the composite parts that undergird a structure and tell its story. He taught us how to deconstruct, how to interpret the physical evidence to determine how buildings evolved. And he taught us how to read the clues.  Architecture field school offers a tremendous opportunity to acquire the skills to truly see and decode the physical evidence and the history contained within. — Holly Izard, Curator of Collections, Worcester Historical Museum

Myron Stachiw’s Building Archaeology Field School provided me, and Old Sturbridge Village, with substantial tools and materials for research, exhibits, and programming that are still critical today.  For me personally, the Field School, and in particular Stachiew’s leadership and role-model, have shaped my work in the field. The knowledge and experience I gained from my time in the Field School was transformative. – J. Edward Hood, Vice-President, Old Sturbridge Village


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