Fall 2011 Lectures

September 15: Max Page, UMass Architecture and Design Program

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs on the 50th anniversary of Death and Life of Great American Cities

Part of the Zube lecture series in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

4 pm, Procopio Room, Hills

September 23: Chris Wilson, University of New Mexico

Preservation’s Role in a Sustainable Future

Co-sponsored with the Public History 2036 Conference of the UMass Public History Program

1 pm, Cape Cod Lounge

October 14: William Moore, Boston University

Interpreting the Shakers: Opening the Villages to the Public, 1955-1965

4-m, held at Hancock Shaker Village (http://hancockshakervillage.org/). UMass faculty and students are encouraged to attend tours of HSV and a reception after the talk. A bus will take interested members of the UMass community, leaving at 12:30 pm.

October 28: Jean Carroon, Goody Clancy Architects

Sustainable Preservation

Co-sponsored with the UMass Green Building Committee

Noon, Cape Cod Lounge

This series is made possible with the support of the Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, the Department of Art, Architecture, and Art History, and Hancock Shaker Village.

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